High School League Baseball Rules apply, except as amended herein:


1.01 The Southwest Suburban Baseball League is designed to provide wholesome recreational activity for

residents of our community.  In addition, such a program should teach basic skills, most important of 

            which are sportsmanship and teamwork.

1.02 Objectives of the Southwest Suburban Baseball League include the following:  to familiarize it’s

participants with the rules and fundamentals of the game; to assist them in development of baseball

skills, and most importantly, to have fun.


2.01 Jerseys and caps are provided by the Recreation Department and must be worn by each player during the

gameJerseys cannot be altered, and must be tucked in.  White pants are preferred but not required.  PLAYERS MAY NOT WEAR SHORTS DURING GAMES.

2.02 Metal spikes are not permitted.

2.03 Bats may not exceed 33” in length. The maximum barrel size is 2 5/8” in diameter (must be a -3 drop and must have BBCOR stamp) and the minimum barrel size is 2 ¼” in diameter with no drop restrictions. 


2.04 The batter, on-deck batter, all base runners and batboy must wear a protective helmet when on the field.

    PENALTY:  A base runner that deliberately removes his helmet while the ball is in play

              shall be declared out.  The ball would remain alive and in play.

2.05 The catcher must wear a protective helmet, mask with throat protector, chest protector, shin guards and

athletic cup to participate in the game.  Any player warming up the pitcher between innings from the

pitcher’s rubber must wear a protective helmet and mask.

  1. 2.06 Bases will be a distance of 80’ and pitching rubber will be a distance of 54’

2.07     A safety base will be used at 1st base whenever possible.


3.01 Only a Head Coach, 3 assistants, players in uniform, and bat boy are permitted in the dugout.

3.02 The defensive players presently in the game, the batter, one (1) on-deck batter, and two (2) base coaches

are the only personnel permitted on the field.  Coaches and players must remain in the dugout.

3.03 Equipment must be kept in the dugout and off the field of play.

PENALTY:  For violation of Rules 3.02 - 3.03, obstruction or interference may be called against the

offending team, and the umpire may impose appropriate penalties. 

3.04 Two (2) adult coaches may coach the bases.  They need not be in uniform.

3.05 OVERTHROWS - OUT OF PLAY - Runners are awarded bases as governed by High School Baseball

Rules, which summarily state:

A.  If the first throw by an infielder - two (2) bases from the runners position at the time of the pitch.

B.  On any other throw - two (2) bases from the base runners position at the time of release.

C.  On any pitch by the pitcher from the pitcher’s plate, one base from the base runners position at the

      time of the pitch.

3.06 A batted ball, which bounces fair past first or third base, and then out of play, is a ground rule double.


4.01 A regulation game consists of seven (7) innings unless extended because of a tie score, or shortened because the home team needs none or only a fraction if it’s half of the final inning; or because of weather, curfew, run rule, or time limit.

4.02 Teams have a ten (10) minute grace period FROM THE SCHEDULED STARTING TIME to have the

legal number of players (minimum of 8) present to start the game.

4.03 When a game is called, it is regulation and considered complete:

A.  If five (5) innings have been completed and 1 team has the lead.

B.  If the home team is ahead after four and one half (4 ½) innings have been completed.

NOTE:   If the game is called and the 2nd inning is complete  but neither A or B are reached, or if 5 or more innings have been completed and the game is tied with time remaining in the time limit, the game will be continued at a later date from the exact point at which the game was stopped.  If the 2nd inning has not been completed (6 outs recorded per team) the game will be rescheduled and started over.

4.04 Teams will field nine (9) defensive players; all players positioned in normal defensive alignments. 

4.05 Free substitution will be allowed throughout the game.  Late arrivals playing time may be reduced proportionately.  Players arriving on time must play at least three (3) innings defensively (9 outs) prior to the end of the 7th inning. A player must play a complete game defensively once in every 3 games. Penalty: Forfeit of the game if determined to be intentional.  Late arrivals should be added to the bottom of the batting order.

4.06 All players bat in a continuous order throughout the game, regardless of who is in the game defensively. Players that show up late can be added to the bottom of the batting order until the 5th inning. 

  1. 4.07 Any player who does not get his mandatory three (3) innings defensively because the 7th inning is not    

played, MUST START the next game in which he participates, and play a minimum of 3 innings. 


4.08 The manager, ten minutes prior to the start of each game shall present a lineup card with the batting order to the Official Scorer.  Names and jersey numbers of all available players must appear on the lineup card. Players not at the site should not be included on the submitted lineup card.

4.09 Should a player leave the game due to injury, illness, or any other legitimate reason, his at bats are bypassed and NO OUTS RECORDED.  If a player is disqualified (ejected from the game) an OUT WILL BE RECORDED when his turn to bat comes up.

4.10     The Recreation Department reserves the right to place late registrants on teams after the teams are assembled.  Late registrants will not be assigned to teams if it is determined that player will negatively effect the balance of the league.

  1. 4.11 Every player must play at least one entire game defensively for every three games in which he participates

during the regular season.


5.01 Batter must wear a batting helmet.  If he enters the batters box without one, umpire should instruct him

to get a helmet.  If a pitch is thrown, batter is out.

NOTE:  Parents/Players are responsible for enforcing wearing of facemasks on batting helmets

  by batters electing to use them.  Coaches are encouraged to help keep track.

5.02 Dropped 3rd Strike The batter is not out and the batter must be thrown out by the catcher. Base runners may advance at their own risk.

5.03 Bunting is permitted except with a runner on third base. 


6.01 Leadoff’s and stealing are permitted. Straight stealing of home is not permitted, but runners can advance to home on a past ball. 

6.03 Stealing bases is permitted. Straight stealing of home or delayed steals of home are not permitted, but runners can advance to home on a past balls or wild pitches. 

6.04 The High School rule will apply for failure to touch a base, or failure to properly tag up after a caught fly ball.  The procedure to follow depends on whether the ball is dead or alive.

LIVE BALL:  A defensive player may either tag the base runner or throw to the base that the runner either missed or left early while attempting to tag up.  The umpire then rules, safe or out.

DEAD BALL:  Once time has been called by an umpire, either a coach OR a defensive player can appeal that a base runner either missed a base or left a base early while attempting to tag up, by describing the infraction to the umpire.  The umpire will then rule either safe or out. 

6.05 (Optional)  Speed Up Rule  With two (2) outs and the catcher on base, the manager is encouraged 

to use a courtesy runner.  The courtesy runner would be the person charged with the last out.

6.06 A legal slide must be feet first.  A runner will be called out for attempting a head first slide while advancing to a base.  A head first slide is legal when attempting to return to a base.


7.01 Pitchers may not pitch more than 7 innings in a week (Monday through Sunday). In addition, pitchers may not pitch more than 4 innings in one game. It is the coach’s responsibility to accurately track and document the team’s innings pitched. PENALTY for violation of this rule is forfeiture of that game.  In addition, the Head Coach may be suspended if it is determined that violation of the rule was intentional.



Once a pitcher is removed from the pitching position, he may not pitch again in that same game.

NOTE:  For purposes of Rules 7.01 one pitch constitutes a full inning pitched.

7.02 Games called prior to becoming official due to rain, time limit, or other such causes will count as

innings pitched for each pitcher in that week.

7.03 Pitchers may issue an intentional walk by informing the umpire, who will then direct the batter to proceed to first base.  No batter may be intentionally walked more than once in a game. 

7.04 The pitcher must be removed from the pitching position for the remainder of the game by the coach:

a. On the 4th visit and any subsequent visits to the mound

b. If the same pitcher has hit 3 batters in the same inning or 4 batters in the game.

7.05 Balks will be given an initial warning by the umpire. The umpire will explain to the pitcher and the head coach why he has called a balk. Subsequent balks by the same pitcher will result in the runner(s) advancing one (1) base.


8.01 RUN RULE - If the losing team is ten (10) or more runs behind and has had an equal number of at-bats

after five (5) innings of play the game will end and be called an official game.

8.02 TIME LIMIT – No new inning will begin after 1 hour and 45 minutes. A new inning will begin when the last out of the previous half inning is recorded. 

NOTE:  Official starting time begins with the first pitch.  Scorer shall note this time on the

  score sheet, and inform umpire(s) when the game is approaching the time limit.  Umpire(s) 

  should then inform both benches that the inning in progress will or may be the last inning.

  Once the  time limit has been reached, tied official games will remain tied, and reflected

  as such in the standings.  Official tie games will not be continued at a later date



9.01 Ever physically assault, or direct abusive language toward League Officials, opposing team members or

their supporters.

9.02 Ever threaten or attempt to intimidate any League or Recreation Department Official or staff member.

9.03 Be guilty of objectionable negative demonstration at an Official’s decision.

9.04 A base runner is NOT required to slide to avoid a fielder who has or is about to have possession of the ball.  If the runner makes what the umpire rules as MALICIOUS CONTACT with a player the ball is immediately dead, and the runner shall be called out.  The runner may be ejected from the game, at the discretion of the umpire.   A player ejected from the game may not play in his team’s next game.

9.05 Use profane, obscene or vulgar language in any manner or at any time.

9.06 Appear upon the field of play at any time in an intoxicated condition.

9.07 Be guilty of gambling on any game or outcome of the game with any spectator, player or opponent.

9.08 Smoke while on the field of play, or in the bench area during a game or practice.

9.09 Be guilty of throwing equipment in objectionable demonstration to an official’s call.

9.10 In the interest of sportsmanship managers, coaches and players may root for their own teammates

ONLY.   Comments directed at the opposing team are prohibited.

9.11 Beating on dugouts, shaking fences, or any similar unsportsmanlike actions are prohibited.

9.12 Recreation Department has developed a broad disciplinary policy.  Coaches have the option of 

adding to this policy, however, team disciplinary policies MUST be fair and consistent.  Recreation

Department reserves the right to review and reverse disciplinary actions deemed unacceptable.

PENALTY:  For violation of Rules 9.01 - 9.12 any manager, coach, or player disqualified

        is automatically suspended from participation in the next game.  Serious and

        repeat violations may warrant additional penalties.  Disqualified/suspended

        personnel are NOT permitted at their team’s game site.

**Parents, coaches, or spectators who present a problem at games or practices, will be REQUIRED to attend a sportsmanship seminar prior to attending any further games or team practices.  


10.01 Protests must be declared at the time of the occurrence, and before the next pitch.  Protests cannot

be submitted over judgment calls (i.e. safe/out, ball/strike, fair/foul).  Protests will be ruled on at the field

by the field supervisor prior to the next pitch being made.


All coaches and officials must be certified and parents must be familiar with and observe Ohio’s Return To Play Law which goes into effect April 26, 2013.  Information regarding the law is attached.  Additional information can be found at .