About BBA

Mission Statement and Objectives
The Berea Baseball Association is a program of service to youth. It is designed to provide healthful recreational activity and training under good leadership for the youth of our community. Berea Baseball is geared toward providing our youth with the fundamentals and rules of the game and to assist in their development of baseball and softball skills in a fun-filled family environment. The Berea Baseball Association stresses the importance of the following principals: Open registration, balanced teams, everyone plays, positive coaching, and good sporting behavior. The benefits gained include teamwork, fair play, sportsmanship, and discipline.

The guidelines of the Berea Baseball Association are administered by the Board of Directors. The established policies, operating procedures, and controls of the program are carried out under the direction of the President and the underlying Board Members.

Managers, Assistants & Umpires
The Berea Baseball Association will select qualified, adult volunteers to serve as coaches. The coaches, assistants, and umpires must possess the understanding of the BBA's objectives and the leadership, ability, and know-how to work with young children. Coaches must accept the responsibility to teach and develop all players in the fundamentals of baseball. They must encourage, abide, and coach by the standards of fair play and good sportsmanship. Coaches must remember that the umpires are a symbol of fair play and integrity. To criticize an umpires judgment and honesty does not come within the spirit of sportsmanship. Winning a game must be secondary. In the long run, the winners will be those who excel in applying the basics. Good coaches develop not only better athletes but also better people.

Role of Parents
Parents must share in the responsibility and take the initiative to ensure the BBA is successful. Parents need to remember that a child has more need of example than criticism. They should try to praise good plays by members of either team, not just from their own team. Parents also need to remember that the coaches and assistant coaches are volunteers, giving their time to provide wholesome recreational activities to your child. Umpires are symbols of fair play, integrity and sportsmanship. Parents should not openly question nor criticize the umpires’ judgment. Parents need to accept the abilities of your child and the results of each game without reservation.