About the 15-18 Boys Division
Play Type: Players participate on BBA teams playing in the Southwest Suburban Baseball League.  Competition level is higher, with many participants from area high school teams.

Southwestern Suburban Baseball League


  1. The membership of this league shall be comprised of teams from cities in the southwest suburbs of Cleveland. Team rosters are limited to players living within each city’s boundaries that they use to determine eligibility for their recreational programs.


  1. Players who turn 19 years of age before August 1st, 2018 are ineligible.


  1. Home teams are responsible for scheduling the umpires and for paying both the plate and base umpires.


  1. Home team will also be responsible for providing 2 game balls appropriate for this age group.


  1. A regulation game will be 7 innings. No new inning will begin after 2 hours. A new inning will begin when the last out of the previous half inning is recorded.


  1. Each city will keep their own registration form for each player that participates on there respective teams. No new players can be added to rosters after June 30th, 2018.


  1. All make-up games must be rescheduled as soon as possible. The home team is responsible for securing a field but the visiting team may host the game with the original home team paying for the umps and batting last.


  1. Players should wear a full uniform that matches their teammates. Hats must be worn and worn properly. Shirts must be tucked in. Sleeves cannot be cut off. Metal spikes are prohibited. Violations of these rules will result in an out when batting.


  1. The 10 run mercy rule will be in affect after the 5th inning of all games (including playoffs). In addition the 15 run mercy rule will be in affect after the 4th


  1. A shortened game due to inclement weather must be played at least 5 innings (4 ½ if home team is winning).


  1. An AH (additional hitter) may be used or a continuous batting order may used (coaches option). The use of an AH is optional but must be in the starting line-up. If a continuous batting order is used players that show up late must be added to the bottom of the batting order despite what inning the player arrives.


  1. Teams must start and finish the game with at least 8 players. An open spot in the batting order will not result in an out unless due to ejection or disciplinary action.


  1. Players who have been substituted for may re-enter the game to replace an injured or ill player if no eligible players are left on the bench. The injured or ill player is then ineligible to re-enter the game. Players who have been ejected may not be replaced. This is the only situation where the batting order can change.


  1. Once a pitcher is removed from the pitching position and taken off the field (including making him AH), he may not re-enter the game as a pitcher for the remainder of the game. He may re-enter to any other position. Just remember that only a starter can take advantage of the re-entry rule and that the player who replaced him cannot be in the line-up at the same time as the player who originally started.
  2. All rostered players are eligible to pitch except graduating 19 year olds.


  1. Pitchers are restricted to pitch a maximum of 8 innings per week. A week is defined as Monday through Sunday.



  1. If a runner slides, he must slide within the reach of the base with either hand or foot. On a force play, a slide is illegal when the runner does not slide on the ground in a direct line between two bases. A runner may slide or run in a direction away from the fielder to avoid making contact or altering a play of the fielder. NFHS Rule 2-32-1,2.


  1. Players and or coaches who are ejected from the game must leave the premises immediately. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of the game. Ejections will result in a one (1) game suspension.


  1. Jewelry and or bandanas are prohibited.


  1. A courtesy runner for the catcher may be used when there are two outs in an inning (the player who made the last out).


  1. Game results must be called in to Andres Gonzalez at the Brook Park Recreation Department at 216-433-1545 ext 4264 by the winning team or one of the teams that tie within 24 hours of the game or e-mail at agonzalez@CityofBrookPark.com


  1. Standings will be sent to each Rec. Department every week.


  1. National Federation of State High School Association Rules will govern play in this league unless otherwise stated in the rules above (bats are not to exceed minus 3).


  1. Bats for the 2017 season must follow the BBCOR stamp on them and must follow high school regulations.


  1. For the end of season Tournament Higher seed will be the Home Team.


  1. The inclement weather lines are:


Brook Park                  216-433-1547

Middleburg Hts.-        440-239-6312

Berea-                          440-234-6020 ext. 6000                        

Olmsted Falls              440-463-8031

Strongsville                 440-580-3102 ext. 1


      Kevin Heneghan – Umpire in Chief – Suburban Umpires Association – 216-362-2816