9-10 Boys Baseball Division
About the 9-10 Boys Division
Age: League ages 9 and 10 years old (may not turn 11 prior to August 1st of the current season)

Play Type: Players face live pitching for the first time. Continued focus on instruction and development, with the addition of limited base stealing and other rules. This allows players to develop basic baseball skills by executing plays during live game play without fear of affecting the outcome of the game.

 9-10 Division Rules Summary:
  • Games will be seven (7) innings, or one hour and fifty-five minutes (1 hour 55 minutes) with no new inning to begin after one hour and thirty-five minutes (1 hour 35 minutes) of play. The home team only bats in the final inning if they are trailing or if the score is tied. Play will be discontinued at one hour and fifty-five-minute (1 hour 55 minutes) hour mark regardless of which team is ahead or game situation. The score at the one hour and fifty-five-minute hour mark will be the final score
  • Run rule: There will be no run rule. The inning or half-inning will end when the batting team reaches the bottom of the order or three (3) outs are recorded.  
  • Teams field 10 defensive players, with 4 outfielders.
  • Every player bats in the lineup, whether playing defensively or not.
  • No lead offs. Stealing of 3rd base only.
  • Pitch count and inning limits on pitchers (see full list of rules and regulations).

See the 9-10 Boys Rules Page for a complete list of all 9-10 division rules and regulations.