7-8 Girls Machine Pitch Softball Division

About the Girls 7-8 Machine Pitch Softball Division
League ages 7 and 8 years old (may not turn 9 prior to Aug 1st of the current year)

Play Type: This is an instructional league in which softballs are pitched by a machine. Focus is on learning the basic rules and fundamental skills of softall. Many participants will have participated in Tee-ball, but this is not a requirement, as there are many first-time players at this level.

  • One hour games, no maximum or minimum innings.
  • Every players plays defense.
  • Every player bats in the lineup.
  • Batters receive 5 pitches/attempts at hitting the ball before being declared out. No base on balls.
  • No lead offs or base stealing.
  • Typically 2 games per week.
  • All games are officiated by the BBA Youth Umpire Crew

See the Girls 7-8 Machine Pitch Softball Rules Page for a complete list of the rules and regulations