1. A team will field no more than 4-outfielders who must begin play approximately twenty (20) feet behind the base path.

2. No position changes are permitted once an inning begins, unless determined by removal of the pitcher or a player that must leave the field.

3. As a minimum, a player must play every other inning in the field. No player can sit out a second inning until all players have sat out one inning. Violations of this rule shall be reported to the BBA Rules Committee.

4. A fielder mask must be worn by the pitcher, first baseman and third baseman.


1. Base runners may leave the base when the ball crosses the plate.

2. A base runner leaving her base before the ball has crossed the plate will result in a warning being given to her team at the time of the infraction.  A pitched ball at the time of the infraction shall be declared by the umpire to be a dead ball – no pitch. After one (1) team warning, any offending player shall be declared OUT.


1. While on the rubber and before the pitch is delivered, the pitcher must pause with hands together. Any underhand delivery is acceptable (underhand or windmill) and a toe drag is permitted.

2. A pitcher shall pitch no more than nine (9) outs per game.

3. If a pitcher hits 3 batters in one (1) inning, she must be removed from that inning. The pitcher cannot return to the mound until the next inning.

4. A pitcher removed from the mound may return once to the mound in the same inning, and may return to the mound throughout the game, as long as there is no violation of any other Pitching or Team in the Field player rules.