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Day #1: $50 to Cafe Ah Roma:  Diane Holko   Sold by Jackson from 7/8 Boys Cubs

Day #2: $50 Dicks Sporting Goods: James Neal   Sold by Aniya of the 11/12 Girls Mariners

Day #3: $50 Berea Depot restaurant: Nicole Buehler.  Sold by Jameson of the Tball Tides

Day #4: $50 Boss Chick'n: Jenna Paoloni.  Sold by Joe from the 9/10 Boys Astros

Day #5: $50 Angelina's Pizza: Becky Krueger.  Sold by Brayden of the 9/10 Boys Rangers 

Day #6: $50 Barbers Den card: Todd Fritz. Sold by Ellis of the 13/14 Boys Ironbirds

Day #7: $50 Suds Maguires: Bebe Gomez.  Sold by Jordyn of the 11/12 Girls Indians

Day #8:  $50 Luna: David Ball.  Sold by Presley of the T-Ball Rockhounds

Day #9:  $50 Maya's Mexican Restaurant: Sammi Coon.  Sold by Ryan 9/10 Boys Astros

Day #10:  $50 Gibbs Butcher & Brewery: Johnny Gosselin.  Sold by Colton of the T-Ball Tides 

Day #11:  $50 Mootown Creamery:  Patti Collins.  Sold by Finn of the 7/8 Boys Mets

Day #12: $50 Angelina's Pizza:  Rambeau Family.  Sold by Wyatt of the T-Ball Marauders

Day #13: $50 Mike's Bar & Grille:  Gerne Kretchmar.  Sold by Alyssa of the 16/18 Girls Braves

Day #14: $50 Parkway Barber:  Sam Singer.  Sold by Blaze of the T-Ball Rock Hounds 

Day #15: $50 SURPRISE:  Melissa McShane.  Sold by Dillion of the 11/12 Boys Yankees

Day #16: $50 Cornerstone Brewery:  Johnathan Lange.  Sold by RJ of the T-Ball Hooks

Day #17: $50 Dunkin Donut:  Stefani Hendricks.  Sold by Sam of the T-Ball Rattlers

Day #18: $50  Boss Chick'n:  Ric Helmink. Sold by Brooke of the 7/8 Girls Royals

Day #19: $50 Angelina's Pizza:  Jeffrey Toth. Sold by Alexis of the 11/12 Girls Mariners

Day #20: $50 Perk Up Cafe:  Susan Starks.  Sold by Brevin of the T-Ball Blue Rocks

Day #21: $50 Berea Depot:  Rachel Blake.  Sold by Hailey of the 13/15 Girls Orioles 

Day #22: $50 Barber's Den:  Dave Connors.  Sold by Grace of the 9/10 Girls Dodgers

Day #23 $50 Maya's Mexican Restaurant:  Samantha King.  Sold by Simone of the 9/10 Girls Cardinals

Day #24 $Suds Maguires:  Jamie Zrenner.  Sold by Wyatt of the T-Ball Blue Rocks

Day #25 (Two) $50 Eastland Inn: 1st Winner  Lyndsey Lackey.  Sold by Christian of the T-Ball Tides  2nd Winner Linda Humphrey.  Sold by Corbin of the 9/10 Boys Reds

Day #26 $50 Angelina's Pizza:  Chuck & Haydee Covas.  Sold by Nicholas of the 7/8 Boys Mets

Day #27 $50 Parkway Barber:  Shane Tome.  Sold by Valerie 9/10 Girls Dodgers

Day #28 $50 Sweet Mango:  Kathy Shank.  Sold by Bentley of the 9/10 Boys Nationals

Day #29 $50 Mike's Bar & Grille:  Mike Kren.  Sold by Owen of the T-Ball Rattlers

Day #30 $50 JoJo Carloni's:  Vicki Anderson.  Sold by Jayden of the 7/8 Boys Athletics 

Partnership with Dicks Sporting Goods

Each year, our partner, Dicks Sporting Goods, provides BBA families with coupons to save them money on equipment and apparel items.  Please feel free to utilize the coupon attached to the link below throughout the season!


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