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What Bat Can I Use?

We are still waiting on the complete rules updates, but as many of you might be looking to buy equipment we felt it important to get the bat sizes out to you. BBA  provides team bats, however if you wish to purchase your own please be aware of the restrictions in each division.

7/8 Machine Pitch baseball: Bats may not exceed 30" in length or 2 1/4" in diameter.

9/10 Baseball:  Bats may not exceed 30 inches in length or 2 1/4 inches in diameter.

11/12 Baseball: Bat barrels may not exceed 2 ¼” in diameter 

13/14 Baseball: Bats may not exceed 33” in length. The maximum barrel size is 2 5/8” in diameter (must be a -3 drop                        and must have BBCOR stamp) and the minimum barrel size is 2 ¼” in diameter with no drop restrictions. 

7/8 Machine pitch softball: Bats may not exceed 29 inches in length.

9-11 Fastpitch: Only NSA, USSSA, or ASA approved fast pitch bats are allowed. Baseball/T-Ball bats are not allowed.

12-14 Fastpitch: Only NSA, USSSA, or ASA approved fast pitch bats are allowed. Baseball/T-Ball bats are not allowed.

Late Registrations are now being Accepted.
Even though teams are curently being assigned you can still register 24/7 at the newly revamped website.  You missed out on the early bird prices and the option to participate in the fundraiser to differ cost, but that doesn't mean you need to miss out on a summer of baseball fun.

Late registrants will be assigned to teams and notified once a week, Thursday night or Friday morning, beginning April 18th until the start of our games.

Spring Training was a Hit!
Sunday, March 3, BBA offered a FREE baseball and softball clinic at D-Bat Middleburg. This was a fun time had by all the participants as players were able to practice their hitting and fielding throughout the day. The clinics saw over 150 kids having fun and getting ready to hit the ballfield this summer!

THANK YOU to D-Bat Middleburg for hosting the BBA clinics and building the love for softball and baseball into our youth! If you are looking for a state-of-the-art indoor facility to practice hitting, pitching, or fielding, stop by D-Bat Middleburg at 6908 Engle Road in Middleburg Hts. They are also having their GRAND OPENING this Saturday, March 9 from 10AM to 5PM where baseball and softball players will be able to receive free clinics and take advantage of free swings in their cages throughout the day!!

THANK YOU to the Berea-Midpark High School baseball and softball players, Titans Fastpitch players, and Titans Baseball Club players for their instructional help during the clinics. Many of those players played in the BBA and it is great to partner with young role models for these clinics and we appreciate you giving back to BBA and who knows, maybe you were instructing future Titans baseball and softball players!!

THANK YOU to all the participants for showing up and enjoying our FREE baseball and softball clinics! Baseball and Softball will be coming up right around the corner and BBA wants to makes sure you have an opportunity to play this year.

A New Year a New Look

Welcome to the new home of the BBA. You spoke and we listened, to improve communication we have partnered with SportsEngine, the number 1 provider of sports management software, as our electronic partner.

SportsEngine will allow you the parent to select how you want to be updated by the BBA, you can choose email, text or be notified directly through the SportsEngine app on your phone.

Providing a positive experience while maintaining your child's safety is our main concern and the experts at SportsEngine will be helping us as we navigate new issues and regulations in the world of recreational sports. Look for information we will be posting on concussion protocol, Lindsay's Law and the new Sports Safety Act. Through our website you can link into SportsEngine's library of articles and videos related to youth sports.

BBA The Berea Baseball Association

The Berea Baseball Association is a program of service to youth. It is designed to provide healthful recreational activity and training under good leadership for the youth of our community. Berea Baseball is geared toward providing our youth with the fundamentals and rules of the game and to assist in their development of baseball and softball skills in a fun-filled family environment. The Berea Baseball Association stresses the importance of the following principals: Open registration, balanced teams, everyone plays, positive coaching, and good sporting behavior. The benefits gained include teamwork, fair play, sportsmanship, and discipline.

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